Numark NVII 

With this powerful, state-of-the-art controller, I offer seamless mixing, beat-matching, scratching, and audio effects synced to the beat. 

Fog Machine

Add an air of mystique to your event space with the use of our fog machine. Or create a club-like atmosphere with light reflection and beam visibility. 

HD Projector

At 3,500 lumens, my high-definition projector can display stunning and colorful images and videos on screens up to 300 inches. Whether you are wanting your own slideshow, live video, or musical visuals, my projection set up can bring your vision into focus. 

Wash Lights

Fill the room with whatever shade you have in mind. These wash lights can present whatever color palette you have in mind for your event space. With moving head, any angle and configuration is possible.

Synced Beams

Create incredible and dynamic movement on your dancefloor with my musically-synced lighting set-up. Beams can be arranged and moved at whatever speed and pattern the style and mood of the music demands. 


Transform your venue or space through the additional magic of uplighting fixtures. With more than a dozen powerful fixtures, these lights are perfect for accenting your event space. 

Strips Psychic

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